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Improved SERP
To be competitive on the local market, you need to get as many citations as possible in various local directories.

Website audit deliverables

Technical Audit

We have comprehensive technical capabilities and industry-leading software solutions for technical SEO audits. Our experts will analyze all of the data collected, give valuable insights, and create a road-map of recommendations for future incentives. Having technically sound website will give you an edge on your competitor’s websites.

Structured Data

It’s no longer a secret that Google encourages websites with structured data, but a lot of industry professionals still don’t know how to do it. Our structured data audits will help us understand where you can implement web page markups on your site and create descriptions that will tell search engines what your website and your content are about.

Content Audit

Content is a big part of SEO and a website may perform very poorly if the content itself is not SEO-friendly. A lot of websites are well-optimized but their content is lacking. Our experience allows us to recognize if this is the case and perform content audits that can give us valuable knowledge on where your content can be improved.

Backlinks Audit

With our link audit services, we will identify any toxic links that are leading to your website and harming your SEO strategy. Once the audit is finished, we will sort out all the links by their effectiveness using professional in-house tools for SEO audits. Different harmful links are cleaned up with different methods and, once this is done, we will create a strategy for future link-building.

Competitive Audit

Learning about how well your competition is performing and which practices they are using can help you get a better idea of which steps you need to take to improve your ranking. Apart from finding out where your competitors have succeeded, our competitive SEO audit can also show where there is less competition but also the potential to rank your website higher.

Local SEO Audit

The local SEO audits we provide focus on analyzing your website for local SEO performance. We understand how local SEO works and we have the tools needed to look at the crucial factors in this domain. By auditing your local SEO efforts, both onsite and offsite, we will deliver a comprehensive report outlining clear steps that you need to take to improve your local SEO.

Our approach to SEO AUDITS

All of our SEO audits are done manually, by experienced professionals using tools built for this industry. The work we do includes inspecting countless SEO factors based on the area that is analyzed. We approach our projects with great dedication and focus on giving valuable answers that can lead to solutions.

Not only will we tell you what is wrong with your website, but we will also give you actionable recommendations so that you can keep improving your site in the future. We consult with our clients regularly and help them understand how, when, and what they need to do to improve their SEO.


Website Review

Initial Auditing

Strategy Planning

Detailed Reporting

Budget estimation

Business Impact

Final Call

What we do in technical SEO audit

  • Crawl Errors
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Content Duplication
  • Pages Indexing
  • Menu & Navigation
  • URL Redirection
  • Sitemaps Creation
  • Page Loading Speed
  • External Link Analysis
  • Domain Age Check
  • Server Error
  • Internal Linking
  • JavaScript Minimization
  • HTML & CSS Minimization
  • Content Delivery Speed
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Keywords Density
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Content writing
  • Structured Data & Rich Cards
  • Social Media Integration
  • Search Snippet & Meta Data
  • 400 and 500 Errors
  • Page Attributes, Tags, Labels

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Reduce Bounce Rate

All important website metrics and KPIs depend on low bounce rates. By improving your website functionality, load time, and optimization you will reduce bounces drastically.

Improve UX

One of the most valuable factors for improving SEO is user experience. This is something that Google takes into account very seriously. By improving UX you will be able to boost your SEO rankings as well.

Increase Organic Traffic

By improving technical SEO and optimizing content in a better way your website will slowly climb in the search rankings. With higher rankings, you will increase organic traffic which carries the most valuable visitors

Improve Conversions

A website with higher organic traffic will have more visitors who have a genuine interest in what that site has to offer. At the same time, the better user experience will make them stay longer on your website.

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